IELTS Success Formula - Academic (Kèm 1 CD)

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IELTS Success Formula - Academic (Kèm 1 CD)

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IELTS Success Formula - Academic (Kèm 1 CD)

To be able to listen and write down the right information a few things are needed.

Firstly, writing while listening is an ability one needs to develop. You can use any opportunity to practice – a talk show on the radio, a podcast, a listening exercise you found online, etc. Just listen and make notes on a piece of paper of the most important things that you hear. You can use shorthand writing (such as writing “doc. ord.” instead of “doctor’s orders” for speed, as long as you can decipher your writing afterwards.

Secondly, in the IELTS Listening sub test you need to know what you’re listening for. So you need to look ONLY at a small group of questions at a time (not all the questions in the section), as instructed by the recording. For example the recording says “Now look at questions 7 to 10″, so that means you need to quickly read only questions 7 to 10, but not any further. By doing that you are focusing just on the necessary information, you are not getting distracted by other things that aren’t important in the following fragment of the recording.

Thirdly, you need know question types really, really well. Pages 3 to 6 in IELTS Success Formula (click here to see) show you the question types and give you an example of each question type, which is good to get started; they also direct you towards which Fitness Activities you should do to practice in answering that particular question type. By studying all the question types you will know in what form the answer will come, and it will be easier to recognize it on the recording.

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